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Is Your Plumber Following Up Customers for Closing Complaints?

Follow Up for Customer Complaints- Factech

“At my last project, our residents were not happy as they need to follow up facility team to get their complaints resolved. But in this project, through iSocietyManager we have changed the way complaints are managed. Now facility staff follows up residents to close their complaints. The follow up process has reversed now.”

Sahil told me during last Saturday in the response of the Question

What change iSocietyManager brought in their working style?

Sahil heads the facility of a Premium Residential Project in NCR.  The project has more than 2100 Units spread over 27 acre.


“Your team has come to sell the billing Service through some reference from a Meter company. But the most interesting to me was how iSocietyManager handles complaints. The problems and use cases your team told were exactly the  pains we faced in the last project.”

Earlier, the System worked as below:

  • The resident used to raise the complaint over the phone.
  • The team usually notes down in the register. The process was totally human dependent.
  • Only God knows what action was taken and who resolved the complaint.
  • When the Resident again calls and tell about the complaint, there was no track, it was again noted down. This keeps on happening repeatedly.

Residents then shout on us and our office remains occupied with frustrated Residents.

Why should we pay the Maintenance Charge if our complaints are not being worked on?

With iSocietyManager, residents can raise the complaint any time over their phone. They get the OTP against each complaint. The complaint can be closed only if the valid OTP is entered by the facility.


This reversed the whole process.

  1. Complaints are traceable as they get recorded in the System.
  2. Transparency is at every level from top to bottom. Any user can see a digital complaint log book at any time.
  3. Complaints can be closed only if the customer is happy. The simple OTP create this magic.
  4. Staff performance is measurable. So the staff follows up with customers to share the OTP so that complaints can be closed.
  5. Turn Around Time ( TAT) is clearly visible and transparent.

Complaint OTP is the key.

When he further involved his other team including supervisors in the discussion, all are happy as they have full control of their operation on their mobile. The facility App of iSocietyManager is helping them on top of things at real-time.

Do your residents/tenants also complain that the staff is not responding? Write to 

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