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What is Kaizen CMMS System?

Introduction Factech has been offering digital solutions for simplifying Facility Operations for different clients including: Shopping Centre Corporate Parks Hotels Hospitals Luxury Residential Complexes Why Kaizen – CAFM Kaizen is the Computer-Aided Facility Management ( CAFM) which helps you to simplify your facility management and operations. In general, CAFM includes CMMS ( Computerized Maintenance Management

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Factech Simplifying Facility…

Factech will help you to Simplify Facility operations on top of Technology. Empower You and your team to take better decisions by providing insights. Vision Provide online platform to manage facility operations in the most convenient way. Simplifying Facility… Delighting customers by Simplifying Operations with Key Performance Indicators ( KPI) right on your mobile is

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chiller preventive maintenance

What are common preventive maintenance schedule for Chiller?

Preventive maintenance for chillers involves cleaning, monitoring temperature and pressure, and general system testing. Depending on the maintenance tasks, technicians must perform them anywhere from daily, weekly,  monthly, or annually. What is a Chiller? A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. This liquid can

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iSocietyManager Marketplace – Listing your Offers

What is iSocietyManager Marketplace? The marketplace is a platform to publish offers/ items on the iSocietyManager App. Few examples are: Resident publishing classifieds for Selling Household Goods, House for Rent or Home Chef Local Restaurant publishing Coupons – 25% Discount for ABC Residents Nearby A/C Technician publishing Offers RWA publishing Diwali 20% Discount for ABC

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