How to perform maintenance activity in Technician App?

inspection in facilities managementWhat are the features of the Technician Mobile App?

The technician uses the mobile app to perform the task by  scanning QR Code

  • Planned Maintenance
  • Breakdowns
  • Complaint
  • Inspection

What are the benefits of Asset QR Code Tagging

Asset Tagged with QR Code can be scanned which open complete Asset details like –

  • Maintenance History
  • Open Work Orders
  • Vendor
  • Asset Details like Purchase/ Warranty
  • Child Assets
  • Parts
  • Performance Logs

What are options available for E-Checklist Maintenance

Digital E-checklists and instructions are available in the app and Technician can :

  • Add Parts
  • Log Time taken in the maintenance
  • Report Problems
  • Add Completion comments
  • Take photos
  • Mark which instructions are completed

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