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iSocietyManager Marketplace – Listing your Offers

What is iSocietyManager Marketplace? The marketplace is a platform to publish offers/ items on the iSocietyManager App. Few examples are: Resident publishing classifieds for Selling Household Goods, House for Rent or Home Chef Local Restaurant publishing Coupons – 25% Discount for ABC Residents Nearby A/C Technician publishing Offers RWA publishing Diwali 20% Discount for ABC

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An effective nearby platform on the society App- ISM

Society is the backbone of human nature and so are our residential habits and interactions. Over 90 percent time of our day goes into environmental and social interactions. Either we are shopping, trading, going for lunch/dinner, getting services like medical, repairs, or even paying bills, we are basically wantingly or unwantigly dealing with outer resources.

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