Four easy steps for facility managers master digital FMTech.

Four steps guide for facility managers to master digital tech transition in the easiest and most effective way.

Like EduTech, FinTech, and many other buzzwords going around the industries, FMTech is long due to take shape. But post-COVID, a radical shift has been taking place and we are observing huge traction in new-age smart managers asking for tech solutions in facility management.

According to a study done by the Factech Team starting in January 2022 and covering companies ranging from commercial real estate to hospitality, and institutions we gauged the level of digital-Tech adoption in the Indian Facility management industry.

Below are the findings:

Hence, we are putting forward four steps that can help FM’s in making an effective and easy shift to digital technology:

  1. Study your processes: Every organization is different. What works at one place may not work at another. So, the first step is to prepare a list of points that explains the nature of your unique processes. E.g how big your building is? Are the things centralized or distributed among many small sub-units? What is the current status i.e level of automation already done and to what extent it is solving the purpose and what are areas of improvement and key challenges? There will be many more such parameters to be kept in mind before even starting to look for a new integrated system
  2. What to look-for in prospective solutions: Firstly, Look for a solution that integrates your multiple units of operations and communicates to many other systems e.g integration with HRMS, ERP, CRM, BMS, Smart meters, and more. This is very critical as end-to-end functioning is what will mean true automation in long term. Secondly, the solution should be anything but complex. No matter how advanced technology is used and how many features it offers, unless it is easy and usable, it makes no difference.
  3. Get involved in implementation: More than 80% of new software solutions fail in this phase and the fault is usually not of the solution or vendor or the client, but of lack of coordination among all. Until and unless every party involved in are not on the same page, the implementation is doomed to fail. Active involvement of all the stakeholders is the only key that can make it a success.
  4. Aim for Intelligence: It is good to see the data flowing at all the levels like the lifeblood. WO’s created, tasks completed, images uploaded, assets tagged, parts issues, POs raised to vendors, and so on. Well, this is a thing to feel happy about but it is just the first level of success. Don’t stop just here… Go further. Let this data become a gold mine of information and give you quick and insightful answers to critical problems. E.g percentage of SLAs getting missed, reasons for delays in tasks, staff and vendor performances over a period of time, etc.

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