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Log complaint by scanning qr code. Reporting a problem become easy and convenient

QR based contactless complaint System

Complaint System For Corporate Buildings Contactless is the new normal after COVID-19 in facility management. Gone are the days when employees had to make calls to register their complaints and then call again to check the status. Here are some drawbacks of the traditional complaint management systems: Waiting on the call is a bad experience

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FM with AI

What is new in digital facility management technology- artificial intelligence, data science and Business intelligence.?

What is New Digital Facility Management Technology Understanding Artificial intelligence, Business intelligence, and Data science in context to digital facility management in a simple and practical way. Does your digital facility management system tell you “what is happening”? “Yes?” Great! Well, does it tell you “Why is it happening?” For this, we need to go

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Digital Facility Management Technology to simplify operation and maintenance

9 Digital Way To Help In Facility Management

The Digital Way To Help In Facility Management As a user, a facility manager, a staff, or a site head we should go ahead with facility digitization with certain clarity and expectations in our mind. Here is an insight into how a system could make a real difference in the way facility operations are performed

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future of facilities management

5 big points driving the future of facility management

Future of Facility Management As gradual and inconspicuous has been the beginning of facility management, the opposite in the same extent and even more spectacular is going to be its future. The strong transformation from the buildings spotted with red paan spits to the glittering A-grade spaces within the last few years is a trend

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