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Reas Estate Industry

Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry

Brigade Real Estate Accelerator (REAP) helps innovators utilize technology to create a sustainable business in real estate industry. Brigade REAP and Factech Brigade REAP is a natural extension of the group’s strategy to challenge the status quo and use technology to achieve higher efficiencies for the group, the industry as a whole, and a better

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Factech sign deal with ONE SIS – FM and Property Management Company

ONESIS India, SIS Group Company has signed a deal with Factech to automate its facility operations across Pan India. One SIS primarily focuses on residential and health care property management projects. Kaizen CMMS will be used to automate their: Asset Maintenance Asset Performance Monitoring Service Ticket Management Inventory Management    

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covid boost digital transformation in facility management

What are Advantages of Property Technology Systems ( Proptech)

What is property technology or PropTech? PropTech (property technology) is the use of information technology (IT) to help individuals and companies research, buy, sell and manage real estate. Similar to the way FinTech focuses on the use of technology in finance, PropTech uses digital innovation to address the needs of the property industry. Technology isn’t just

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