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How to delete Meter reading?

After login with a role having meter reading delete permission, You can delete Reading as per your needs using the following steps: In main menu go Meter and select Reading from main menu Select unit and meter type click on search to display all meter reading of a single unit. In case no meter Reading

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How to get started Billing

What is billing? Also called invoicing, billing is the process of requesting payment from a customer, by generating an invoice to recover the money resulted from the service or sale. Before getting into the details of steps of bill generation, User has to decide on below points: Bill Plan: You need to generate a single

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How to enable cheque, debit note and credit note Approval?

Cheque parking, i.e. cheques reflect in ledger only post-approval, is an important feature in billing applications. To enable cheque parking in the System, steps are: Login using User Role with permissions of Payment Setting. Go to Setting -> Site Setting. Then Payment Tab Select the options as per your requirement. As shown below  

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What is different data input required to start billing?

The billing process varies from client to client. Below data is generally required so the bills can be generated. You can ignore the details which are not applicable to you, like DG Load, Grid Load is required only if you are doing electricity Billing. Site Details: Site for which you want to start operations. The details

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