CAFM-Computer Aided Facility Management Software

Reduce Breakdowns By
more than 70%

We understand that managing your facilities can be challenging, but now we have the complete range of solutions for you

facility management system

To provide online platform to manage facility operations in most convenient way

Computer Aided Facility Management Software-Overview

Highly Maintain Cost

High Maintenance Cost?

When You are handling maintenance and operations manually, Are you?

  • always worried about highly maintained cost?
  • confused and wanted to make more planned decision?
  • able to create a cleaner environment by saving energy?

Losing track of important aspects like Compliances, asset management,Society Maintenance Software life cycle etc. can hamper your ability to make the right decisions.

We have just the Right Solution For you

We understand that reactive maintenance leads to high cost and short Asset Life Cycle.

Digitalize Your Facility Operations

CAFM Software:

You are working towards a better tenant experience with several small and big services. Operation and Maintenance has somehow lagged behind. Now is the time to digitize your operations

Scaling Up Company:

You are scaling up and increasing your portfolio, but do you have the right systems in place to support your Maintenance and Operations. Now is the time to digitize your operations.


Maybe you are an enterprise and always look for delighting your tenants and want to be a leader in tenant experience. Now is the time to empower your team to make better and informed decisions.

kaizen facility operation

Empower your field staff - Scan QR and do Maintenance on Phone

We have helped 100+ clients to reduce their reactive maintenance to less than 20%.

How can we get started?

Make reliable and informed decisions based on real time analytics and asset performance in 3 easy steps.


Register your self


Configure Assets, Work Order , Checklists and workflows or select default ones.


Add your team and you are ready to go.

If you are ready to take your facility management to next level, Kaizen CAFM team is here to help you.