Advance IVR enabled Complaint management system IVR enabled (iSocietymanager)

In today’s modern generation, society size increases day by day and there is need to be proper management. The members of the society face some issues in their daily routine related to the society like electricity issue, water issue, parking, lift etc.

The society management can solve all the complaints of their society members. But if society management doesn’t have the right apartment management software then it will be a difficult and time consuming process doing it manually and they have to maintain all complaints or issues manually into the register. Nothing is more challenging than dealing with day to day complains registered verbally through intercom from residents at the helpdesk.

Do you also face the same challenge every day even though you are using a complaint management system? Do you still get calls for logging complaints from intercom??

Now with iSocietymanager, Complaint management system, not only you can track complaints online but also track complaints with the Advance IVR system which is like icing on the cake for our facility team.

IVR based complaint management system is an integrated communication system to manage the record of complaint and their status. Users can register their complaint through any phone at any time. You can also check the status of your complaint. Now it is possible for all the residents to register their complaint even if they have not downloaded the app from anywhere anytime by just calling a specific number provided to them, which will register any of their complaints at the society helpdesk. The best part of this IVR is that the users can speak out their complaint and submit it with such an ease. This will be audible to the helpdesk when they open the admin app.

Helpdesk / Complaint Management (IVR)
Manage your complaints like never before! IVR enabled

· Complaint gets automatically assigned to the Staff based on slots and open complaints, Staff Leaves/ Work Slots configurable.
· Customer can raise complaint 24*7 through Web, Mobile App and IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
· Management can track their Staff Performance and take better decisions.
· Complaint Escalation Levels to keep track of escalations.
· Complaint Reporting Analytics, Graphs and Charts.
· Automatic Job Cards and OTP for Complaint logging by staff.

Are you not happy that there is a team out here thinking about Apartments and Managing Committees like yours all the time and trying to make life easy for every one of you?

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