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What are the Best Practices of Asset Lifecycle Management?

What is Asset Lifecycle Management? Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the mechanism during the lifecycle to maximize the value created from the properties. Comprehensive management of the asset pool, systematic implementation of programs, and reliable and effective asset management activities help to achieve the desired performance. Best Practices: Total Inventory Recognition Businesses tend to maintain

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stock aging

What is Stock Ageing Analysis and How Does it Help in Reducing Cost?

What is Stock Ageing Analysis? The most critical facets of every business model are storage or inventory. In order to curtail the losses that will occur from stale  stock, it is imperative to control their movement and shelf life. Stale inventory also tends to being redundant, and would  obviously ultimately depreciate its value. Excessive stock holding, with the fear of not providing optimal goods to market to buyers, comes with its drawbacks. The more things you’ve got, the more space you need. It also costs to do more inventory control and audits, potentially requiring additional manpower to work the warehouse.  Stock aging analysis would thus help companies store only the appropriate quantity of inventory, removing the other needless variables that would negatively affect the viability and competitiveness of a company. Stock Ageing Analysis reports help in monitoring stocks and identify slow moving inventory

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What are Best Practices for Inventory Management ?

If you don’t begin the process of upgrading and streamlining your business operations now, you’ll easily slip into bad habits, inefficient practices, and a high cost of inventory. By following the best practices for inventory management, you’ll run and manage an efficient and effective business and warehouse year after year. Following are few of the

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Manage Multiple Sites with a Single Dashboard

Handling Facility Operations at multiple sites and properties can be stressful and hectic day to day job for an Enterprise. With traditional manual way comes way more emails, reports, MIS and much more. But in this digital era, everything is Automated so why not Facility Management operations? We, iSocietyManager have a perfect solution for the

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