We all wish that the assets we employ at our home or in our business, work in a good condition for a long period of time without us spending huge amounts of money on them, i.e. we want something that helps us in extending the asset life, increase productivity, and ultimately decrease maintenance spending.
Guess what? ‘Preventive Maintenance‘ is the ultimate solution for this’!
Simply put, preventive maintenance means taking regular care of the asset proactively rather than reacting and then taking the required measures after the damage has already been done, i.e. preventing problems before they occur.
Preventive Maintenance is conducted throughout an asset’s normal operating cycle. Doing this unexpected breakdowns and their pricey consequences, such as unplanned downtime can be avoided.

The primary goal of a good preventive maintenance program is to establish consistent practices especially designed to improve the performance and safety of the asset at your property.

Preventive maintenance checklists can help you to monitor your assets based on maintenance goals, expected needs and past performance.


Why preventive maintenance checklists are necessary?

checklist is list of things that you need to search or review or validate. From building and health care, they are used in 
number of areas. preventive maintenance checklist helps to recognize equipment maintenance actions to keep it in safe 

conditions and increase the reliability of the factory.

To avoid bigger, expensive repairs down the road, proactive maintenance is necessary. preventive maintenance strategy will 
save an organization money because administrators and workers can concentrate on minimizing loss of facilities rather than 
coping in case of emergencies. Based on maintenance priorities, planned requirements and previous results, preventive 
maintenance checklists will help you monitor your assets.

How do you build preventive maintenance checklist that is effective?

  • Assess your environment
  • Establish your maintenance goals
  • Create a draft checklist
  • Test the checklist
  • Introduce the checklist
  • Refine the checklist

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