Preventive maintenance is an activity intended to prevent failures or discover them. This implies that facilities must be inspected on a periodic basis in order to determine their conditions and if any maintenance actions are required to preserve their lives or return them to operational conditions. Two main elements of an inspection process are what is to be inspected and when (how often) do the inspection occur. In order to standardize this process and ensure that a facility is being properly inspected, it is suggested that the inspections are being conducted on the same periodic schedule.

Procedure of Preventive Maintenance:

For any industry or company engaged in manufacturing operations, there is no ready-made, on the shelf, preventive maintenance operation. The preventive maintenance systems are clearly framed in view of the fact that all businesses vary in scale, location, structure, construction, resources, machinery and age to fit the requirements of the particular industrial plant.

A well-conceived preventive maintenance program has the following elements, features or steps to be adhered to in general:

  1.  Who is expected to undertake preventive maintenance? 
  2.  Where does preventive maintenance start? 
  3.  How to inspect with regards to preventive maintenance? 
  4.  What to look/inspect for? 
  5.  What could the inspection frequency be? 
  6.  When is it appropriate to audit or inspect schedules? 
  7.  What are the steps of preventive maintenance? 
  8. Training of Maintenance staff.
  9. Strategies for Inspiration.
  10. Material administration for repair.
  11. Preventive maintenance monitoring and appraisal.

The following steps are required to develop your Preventive Maintenance procedures:

  1. Divide facilities into parts.
  2. How does this part function?
  3. How did it fail?
  4. What is the critical treatment needed?
  5. Is the life of the ingredient predictable or unforeseeable?
  6. Will a Loss Developing Phase (FDP) have it?
  7. Select the most cost efficient form of repair.
  8. Must the equipment conduct repairs on the run (OTR) or after shutdown (SD)?
  9. To verify the situation, pick an objective or subjective (sense) method?
  10. Create your PM assignment.
  11. Choose the FDP-based frequency
  12. Decide who will be performing the assignment on a daily basis.
  13. Transfer into your CMMS all the PM’s.

Preventive Maintenance is vital to the sustainability of your facility. Yet it can be difficult to know if you are doing the right things at the right time. If you need help then please visit the website of FACTECH AUTOMATIO SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.


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