Are your planned maintenance tasks missed frequently?

There are certain questions you face every day being a facility manager or an operations head. And you need correct answers to be confident and sure of the exact health of your building’s assets and preventive maintenance.

What will ensure you get the right and timely answers to create an edge in your operations?

Well, there is no magic formula for this. This can be achieved by sticking religiously to the basics and bring in the technology.

What are the major questions:

  1. How many failures are happening due to missed preventive activities?
  2. What is the average delay in SLAs?
  3. Is reactive maintenance rising because of less effective preventive maintenance?
  4. Are the right parts being changes and at the right interval?
  5. Is some vendor wrongly charging us for changing the components or assets that still have useful life remaining?
  6. Can we categorize the employees based on their responsibilities and adherence?
  7. Are all the compliances up to date
  8. Do we have control over our assets and assign some parameters signifying their current status and health?

What part can technology play in achieving this?

Technology can bring the following major advantages:

  1. Speed: A digital system manages and schedules tasks to be performed on the assets and provides a real-time window to manage. Then technician rostering can be done automatically and time is saved from manually sending to-do tasks. Further inventory can be checked quickly and parts can be allotted or reordered instantly. In this way avoiding lots of manual works operations can be done easily and instantly.
  2. Transparency: Since the whole workflow is designed in software in such a way that approvals, reminders, alerts take place in a predefined digital transaction which is readily available in the form of reports. So it increases the transparency at each level.
  3. Scalability: Thousands of assets, machinery, or equipment can be registered into the system along with their maintenance schedules without any limitations of storage or manual efforts. Also, multiple sites can be brought onboard on a system thus supporting all the operations live.
  4. Intelligence: Certain rules can be configured and applied to the data to extract critical information giving intelligent insights. For example, data-driven knowledge can be derived to get a better understanding of asset health or employee performance and more.
  5. Trackability: By automating work-order flow, inventory management, and task management each operation can be tracked whenever required through smart dashboards, transactional reports etc.

So, with this, we come to a conclusion that technology can help us get answers to the questions based on multi-level data flow and recording rather than relying on intuitions and gut feeling. Now, it is easy to construe which is better and why.

The Factech team has been helping real estate clients in Simplifying the Facility Operations.

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