hvac preventive maintenance

HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system is beneficial in all seasons to help us keep cool during summer and warm in the winters. Continuous usage of this system can lead to the breakdown. To prevent this mishappening, routine HVAC maintenance has to be performed before to avoid the sudden breakdown.

Since it is important to carry out preventive maintenance services every six months, below mentioned are some of the maintenance tips to prevent costly repairs:

  • Schedule annual maintenance and pay attention
  • Clean the vents
  • Take care of the thermostat
  • Scheduling HVAC tune ups
  • Clear outside debris
  • Replace air filters
  1. SCHEDULE ANNUAL MAINTENANACE AND PAY ATTENTION – Regular maintenance can usually prevent up to 90-95 percent of all HVAC repairs and may cut the energy cost and also extending the lifespan of a product. The initial ‘Paying attention’ can prevent certain mishappenings in the equipment if one pays attention to any grinding, buzzing or rattling with their system to predict if there is any problem somewhere in HVAC system. The sooner the issue is been addressed, the less the damage it can do and undergo overall.
  2. CLEAN THE VENTS – To keep away the dust (dirt) from obstructing the air flow, vacuuming the vents is essential and also to keep track of the  airflow periodically to make sure that it’s not weak. Once the weak air flow is noticed, can contact to the help care to schedule an HVAC service technician to check and repair it as soon as possible.
  3. TAKE CARE OF THE THERMOSTAT – When you observe that even the high temperature setting is unable to make your house warm, it’s a warning for you to check the thermostat for repairing. Thermostat can be adequately maintained to reduce the energy bill respectively. A programmable thermostat (automatic) and manual (adjusting the setting), both are used. Thermostat is adjusted to our specific needs beforehand.
  4. SCHEDULING HVAC TUNEUPS – Generally, air conditioners need a tune up every spring and fall. Seasonal tuneups performed by a skilled service technician can prevent up to 95 percent of HVAC repair calls respectively.
  5. CLEAR OUTSIDE DEBRIS – Certain things in the compound like leaves, branches, etc. can clog the outside components, so the parts of the units that are exposed to the exterior environment should have enough room to breathe. Disconnect the power, remove the access panel and clear away any debris with a vacuum, be it dry or wet.
  6. REPAIR AIR FILTERS – Basically air filters need to be replaced every 30-90 days and should be checked every month for clogs and dirt. Household with pets requires more frequent maintenance of the air filters to avoid the damage.

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