How to add new role?

Roles are nothing but the permissions given to a particular user to access some resources. So in some other words, we can say that, once a user is authenticated then what are the resources the user can access is determined by his role.

Roles are categorized under 3 heads:

  • Admin: Facility User Roles
  • Resident: User or customer related role
  • Member: Role related to a family member.

To create a new role.

  • Go to Role Groups -> View Facility Roles

role right management, society management system

  • You can see the list of existing roles. To add a new one, add details on the left UI.

role based society management system


  • Go to Setting->Access Permission

society management role access permission


  • Select the role for which you want to change the permissions. You can see all the permission currently assigned to that role. Start typing in the search box to filter the permissions.

society management role access permission


  • Click on Edit Permission to update the permissions for the role

society management role access permission


  • Check the permissions as per your needs and click on update.

society management role access permission



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