How to add tariff for bill generation?

After login with a role having Bill Generation and Tariff permission, You can add a tariff or charge as per requirements.

  • Go to Bill-> Tariff

bill generation tariff menu

  • You can add tariff details as per your requirement

bill tariff details

(a) Charge Name: Name of the charges e.g. Cheque Bounce, Maintenance, Sinking Fund etc.

(b) Unit Column: Types of the charges for calculations.

(c) Charge Frequency: Per cycle, Onetime, Annual

(d) Applicability: Charges raise for “ALL” or Individual.

(e) Factor: Calculations of charges on per “Cycle” or Days.

(f) Calculations Order: For Item wise adjustment 

(g) Tax: Taxable charges for GST calculations.

(h) All/Cluster/Unit Category/Slab: Charges defined on the basis of a slab for units consumes, Unit Category, Cluster level.

The unit column is the key that defines the type of charge like Area, Fixed, etc.

Below are different types you can select

  • Fixed: Charges which are of a fixed value and will not vary based on some parameter say – Security Charges, etc.
  • Area: This charge is calculated on the basis of the area of the Unit that is available on Unit Details. Example – Maintenance Charge
  • Grid: This charge is calculated on the basis of Grid units consumed in by Units.
  • Grid Load: Calculated on the basis of the Grid Sanctioned Load given to the unit.
  • DG: This charge is calculated on the basis of DG units consumed.
  • DG Load: Calculated on the basis of Sanctioned DG Load given to the unit.
  • Interest: Percentage of the Amount. Example – 18% pa Delayed Payment charge, Also custom interest as per needs
  • ChequeBounce: Charges defined for any dishonor of cheque.
  • Delayed Due: Charges defined for when any payment is done after the due date. It can be fixed delayed payment charges or a percentage of the amount.

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