How to configure cluster tower and unit category?

Residential townships usually have the concept of clusters. As per the online dictionary – a cluster is a group of similar things or people positioned or occurring closely together.

Many people use a block (a group of towers and other related properties)  and cluster interchangeably.

In any property, the Unit is referred to as an asset or property which can be billed separately. In the case of residential, unit categories are nothing but different flat categories like 2BHK, 3BHK, etc.

When you first time configures a new site, you need to configure master data like cluster/ block, towers, and unit categories. To add and update these details is very easy in iSocietyManager.

  • Go to Setting-> Society Configuration

society configuration


  • You will see a list of already configured Clusters, Towers, and Categories.
  • To add a cluster or block,
    • Add name in the Text Field and press OK ( Right ) Button.
    • If there are no blocks for your project, you can use a prefix of your site Name like OC for Ocean Heights.
  • To add a Tower
    • As a tower is always inside the block or cluster, make sure that Tower Name always prefix Cluster Name. For example OCA  for Tower A in Ocean Height. This implies that Tower A belongs to OC.
  • To add a Category
    • Add the category name in the text field and press the OK ( Right) button.


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