How to setup domestic help ( Maids, Drivers ) entry/exit?

Once you have added domestic staff in the System. You can enable tracking of their entry/exit. Residents are notified for every entry/exit.

Different ways to track entry/exit are:

  • Face Recognition: Staff’s face needs to be registered in the System.
  • ESSL Device – Biometric / Face:  Staff need to be registered in the Biometric Machine
  • RFID: Staffs are allocated RFID cards
  • Unique Code: Staff is given a unique ID.

Face recognition can be used for identifying any staff, which is registered with their photo. If face recognition is part of your service offering, you can enable face recognition:

  • Go to Set up -> Visitor and click on Features

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  • Search face and enable Show Face Attendance

enable face recognition

  • Now you can see the Face Attendance Option on your Visitor App Home Page.

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