How to start Amenities Booking?

Give your residents the ability to book their access to clubhouse amenities on the app. This is particularly handy in the case of in-demand amenities such as the swimming pool or badminton court. Below are the advantages of Amenities or facility booking:

  • Book your slot: This is very handy where residents can book a slot in advance.
  • Restrict Usage to Residents: You can define usage rules
  • Usage History: You will get usage reports and analytics very handy.
  • Transparency: It bring transparency and the user is served on a first-come basis.
  • No time overlap: Through slots booking there are no time overlaps.

To open Amenities Home Page:

  • Go to More-> Facility

facility amenity booking, club house booking

  • You can see different options on Facility Home Page:
    • View List of facilities
    • Add new Facility or Amenity
    • Book – on behalf of a resident
    • User Booking – to track existing booking

amenity booking dashboard, facility booking dashboard


How to add new Amenity?


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