How to start with Accounting from Factech Solutions?

iSocietyManager is a complete suite for real estate. You can manage your complete accounting online through and get the different accounting statements generated on the go.

iSocietyManager Accounting is a cloud-based smart accounting software that takes care of all your accounting needs.

If you want to keep on top of your finances, then you have to keep them organized. iSocietyManager gives you accounting tools to categorize transactions, track cash flows, and monitor your financial health.

Benefits of accounting service:

  • Create accounting entries for partial, project-based, or vendor invoices.
  • Collect payments from vendors, customers.
  • Match payments with invoices to keep an accurate record of accounts.
  • Synch with Billing and Payment Service
  • Different accounting-related artifacts get created:
    • General Ledger
    • Trail Balance
    • Income/ Expense Statement
    • Balance Sheet


How to add Journal Entry?

How to add new group?

How to add new account name or ledger?

How to add opening balance against account name?

How to get ledger of the Account ?

How to get Trial Balance in Accounting Software?

How to get income expense statement in Accounting Sofware?

How to get balance sheet from Factech Accounting Software?

What are different financial statements in Accounting Software?

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