Can multiple site Facility operations be managed live and centrally

How difficult and mismanaged it becomes when you have to collect data from different sites every day, weekly and monthly. Receiving excel sheets, saving them, synching them, and finally creating a report to be presented to different business heads and even after so many efforts, some errors make a mess of everything.

The common problem faced in the manual site-wise reporting:

  1. Frequent delay
  2. Error-prone
  3. Efficiency loss
  4. lots of dependencies

The system where there is a dependency on site people to share data in pre-defined formats and on pre-defined schedules is more like a reactive system while the system where the whole system is running in real-time is like a pro-active system.

Consider a scenario, there is an emergency on a particular mall site and more guards are required at that time. So, in case of a traditional system, you will have to make calls, check the number of guards present in other sites and then select those sites where there are surplus guards, and finally, you will have to inform those site heads to send a number of guards to the emergency site.

But in the enterprise-level system, you will check your mobile app and click on the manpower tab. The current number of present guards will be shown site-wise and you can take action in the shortest possible time without waiting to call and getting information.

Same can be done with other site-wise operations:

  1. Billing/payment
  2. Complaint management
  3. Asset-PPM
  4. Power
  5. Inventory

Further, this system helps top management to be more agile as more useful information is at their fingertips without any delay. A CXO will find it a lot more useful in gauging the performance of sites in terms of finances, breakdowns, etc. The solution, in this case, works as an intelligent engine outputting strategic advice in place of conventional information.

If you really want better control over operations and a well-organized model connecting sites then an enterprise-level facility system is something to seriously look forward to.



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