How to Track Guard Patrolling in Residential Complex Security?

Sleeping with keeping “all is well” in mind is quite poetic but how seriously do you take security of your residential society. We spend huge amount of money in CCTV’s, security agencies, smart door locks etc. but does it make any sense if it all is not managed or tracked properly.

Why to wait till anything happen when we can create pro-active processes and prevent at least 60% of offensive or criminal events from happening. Theft, intimidation, violence, assault, accident, mis-happening etc. there is a multitude of possibilities that could be avoided by planning and tracking your security optimally.

So, let’s come to what areas of security we can target:

  1. CCTV camera setup.
  2. Face recognition intelligence in the cameras.
  3. Guard patrolling.
  4. Security guards at the gates and near towers or markets.
  5. Camera door locks.
  6. Lift lobby access control.
  7. Car exit block to check car theft.
  8. Emergency alarms

It may sound old school but physical guards are still the most critical, bankable and most of all essential for mental satisfaction. In our mind, we may use technology but the deep sleep will only come when we know that we are being watched by some real human guards.

But the advantage comes with its own set of problems. Humans are bankable, trustable but at the same time they are smart and difficult to manage the way we can manage machines. A program or a code cannot run humans and they have tendency to error, mood swings and missing on duties.

Guard patrolling is indispensable so we have to use technology to devise a hybrid solution using both- humans and technology.

Once we define a route for taking the rounds we can implement technology to ensure that the guards are taking those paths and visit the desired points in a pre-decided way. A guard patrolling solution uses a scan code either QR codes or NFC codes and place it on the desired locations. Then a mobile app is used to guide a guard for the route and timings he has to adopt. He needs to scan the codes at each location during a round and the system instantly logs it with time stamp and location.

Yes geo-location is equally important since if we leave any space the human smartness will immediately come to fill it. Guards can make copies of the codes and keep scanning them from any location they want at the set timings. Once geo-tagging is done they are bound to go physically at all the locations.

A good guard patrolling solution should be capable of doing following tasks:

  1. Generating MIS reports with day wise summary.
  2. User-interface should be very simple and precise.
  3. It should alert the authorities in case some checkpoints are missed.
  4. Guards should be easily able to send text, images and videos in order to report a situation.
  5. Real-time activity report and remote live tracking.
  6. Multiple users should be able to use a single device in shifts.
  7. SOS alarm should be integrated with panic hooter system.
  8. The system should be fast and robust for least technical failures and snags.

The purpose of security is to assure safety of yourself and your dear ones. So embracing technology in order to make security strict and flawless without the possibility of a breach is an intelligent idea. A real-time Guard patrolling system is a strong step in this direction.

Hope everyone take the security with the utmost seriousness and make their space safe for everyone by keeping an open mind towards sensible technological solutions whenever necessary.

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