Handling Facility Operations at multiple sites and properties can be stressful and hectic day to day job for an Enterprise. With traditional manual way comes way more emails, reports, MIS and much more.

But in this digital era, everything is Automated so why not Facility Management operations?

We, iSocietyManager have a perfect solution for the  Enterprise Management regarding a Builder, Corporate, Facility Company  etc.

We provide a complete dashboard that visualizes you data as bar charts, pie charts, graphs etc. at a glance. Weather it’s your energy consumption, your grid-DG readings, your manpower status, your maintenance or breakdown tasks, asset health, AMC updates etc.

In energy MIS dashboard, the following attributes are covered-

  • Cyclic budget
  • Total Consumption
  • Daily Budget
  • Budget exceeded
  • Electricity Loss
  • Consumption details day wise
  • Outage duration

Manpower is showcased in form of bar charts to get monthly and site wise comparisons for predictive programming for your manpower deployment. With staff sub categories as Security, House Keeping, Technician, supervisors etc. Can be traced as per the allocated budget and actual budget comparison to increase efficiency and being cost effective as well.







Similarly, reporting for DG can also be solved with iSocietyManagers dashboard as to show daily readings, weekly and monthly hence generating YOY graphs for the same. Plotting consumption against unit produced, we can easily predict the efficiency of the DG(s) also recording it’s working hours, planned preventive measures, consumption etc.

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