Smart office reception- new style statement?

The impression of a place starts with it’s front-end and reception is at the front-most. How about planning it a bit more seriously than just putting shiny pieces of artefacts, Pictures on walls, luxurious sofas and a charming good-natured receptionist?

So, lets start with an idea that is evolving at a very large scale at the global level. Since the advent of information technology, virtually nothing is left untouched ranging from the ways of personal entertainment to how the businesses are managed. In this series, how can a front-desk remain traditional.

Things are advancing at huge level. First, the entries of the visitors were done though a laptop or desktop with a camera fixed on the top. The job of the receptionist remained the same just saved from writing whole day in registers. Though few improvements were definitely there:

  • Error-less entries
  • Data could be fetched in reports
  • photograph could be added in order to increase a bit on security.
  • Passes are printed & given instantly

Next, a thought came to the mind, why at all entries to be done by a person. It is in no way a productive work and the human resource can used in much better works like, attending and managing interviewees, contributing a bit more in travel and logistics and so on. so here came the self-checkin systems with a tablet running a could-based solution and capable of following tasks:

  • Self-checkin for Visitors, delivery people, contractors, interviewees etc.
  • Real time OTP verification of mobile number
  • Face recognition to recognise repeated visitor
  • Host notification
  • Real-time badge generation
  • Visitor block and overstay alert.

Sounds cool… let’s think more. what else can be done to make the process more efficient and easy. So, below we list some features which are really amazing and can definitely bring lots and lots of smartness and effectiveness in frond-desk module:

  • Integration with the access control devices like auto door locks, scanners etc.
  • Scannable codes (e.g QR codes) can be printed on a badge or sent on visitors mobile device for auto access in case of approved visits.
  • integration with event planning and facilities allotment systems in order to guide in booking meeting rooms, conference rooms etc, to the visitors and employees automatically.
  • Digital office site-maps can used to guide visitors and employees to reach certain places graphically.
  •  Visitors currently present in the campus can be identifies and listed in case of emergencies or mock drills.

Seems like an overwhelming thought of possibilities. I hope you might well go hand in hand with technology revolution going all over the world and implement such practically viable and really helpful solutions whenever needed.

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