How to manage Documents of Units?

You can upload and store all type of documents related to Units or Customers / Occupants on iSocietyManager. Online availability of the documents has below advantages:

  • Omni Accessible: You can access the documents as and when required. If you have internet and right permissions, you can access the documents from your mobile, browser, etc.
  • Secure & Safe: Online is secure and safe place. With the security policies and back up strategy in place, your documents are secure and safe.
  • Unlimited Storage: There are no space issues, you can upload any number of documents.

To access document service follow the below steps:

  • Go to More-> Document Repository

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  • You will see the Document Repository home page. Start typing Unit details ( Unit Number, Name, Mobile number etc.. ). The system will display the documents of that unit will details:
    • Name
    • Type of Document
    • Upload Date
    • Remarks

document repository, upload user documents, online document management


How to add new document type?

How to upload document for a Unit?


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