How to send notice or circulars to Occupants?

You can broadcast important information to all unit owners, tenants, residents. In iSocietyManager, with Facility Admin login, you can broadcast below as attachment:

  • Images
  • Documents – pdf, word, excel
  • Video

To send circulars, follow below steps:

  • Go to Notice. You can see the past notices circulated earlier. On click of More Actions, you can delete, edit and read report of any notice. Click on Add Notice to add details of new circular

broadcast notice circular, society digital notice board

  • You have multiple options to decide the target audience while sending notices
    • Owner Only
    • Tenant Only
    • Both
    • Tower, Block/Cluster

After adding details, you have to submit. Notifications and Emails are sent to all target audience.

send new circular, society bulletin board


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