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Get Started with Facility Management Software

Getting Started with your Facility Management System is very simple and quick. You can enter data manually OR bulk upload via an excel sheet.

How to get started with your Facility Automation System?

Factech users are diversified and can be broadly categorized into the below industries:

  • Corporate Parks
  • Shopping Centers
  • Apartment Management
  • Education – Schools & Universities
  • Services – FM or Property Management 
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Co-Working
  • Banking & Finance

1. Facility Team

The facility is the team that operates the complete system, whether it’s security, complaint, billing, asset management, etc. The facility team runs the system to automate to increase its effectiveness. You can define roles as per the need. A few examples of roles are:

    • Facility Manager
    • Warehouse or Store Manager
    • Purchase Manager
    • Billing Admin
    • CRM
    • Security Officer
    • Technician or Field Staff

2. Management

The persons who want reports and information from the system. A few examples are:

    • Facility Head
    • Head Office – Senior Executives, etc.
    • RWA – In case of Residential Complexes

3. Tenant

The end-user of facilities can be an employee, admin staff.

4. Resident / Customer

In the case of Apartment Management – The resident is the end-user of the system. She gets benefits like increased convenience, security, time-saving, etc. Resident can be categorized into different sub-roles like:

    • Owner: Who owns the property – unit or apartment
    • Tenant: If the unit is rented out, the tenant is also a key user of the System.
    • Family Member: The family members of the Occupant

Mobile Apps are available for

User Guide

Facility or Management – Quick help links

Resident or Customer – Quick help links

Client Onboarding Process

The Factech team has been helping real estate clients in Simplifying the Facility Operations.

Contact us for a free demo of how our expertise can help you achieve your business goals.

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  • iSocietyManager is excellent system. Appreciate how the team has built robust billing, complaint, ppm. It’s all the modules for managing operations of facilities.

  • I liked the team approach and support system. With all help available online, transition to new team has become easy. We are using System at multiple sites, At one site managing VMS and Maid Attendance through desktop and RFID. On other one using Mobile based VMS with Face Recognition attendance. System has different interfaces to suit our needs.

    System is adding value.

  • Great Experience. Working with Factech ISM team has been great. These folks solves your problem and automate the operations. Customizable dashboard has been very useful– having many roles, this comes handy as it filters noise.

    Tenant App is easy to use and without any noise.

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