ICICI UPI Payment with isociety

Scan And Pay Maintenance Bill Online with ZERO Charge

Are you still paying extra for every ONLINE PAYMENT?

Do you need to wait for 24 – 48 hours before the Payment gets credited to your Account?

How easy is it to pay your condominium bills?

Different digital payment options have made the life of payers very easy. There are many options like:

  • Pay from your society manager app directly by clicking Pay Now.
  • Pay from Wallet or Bank sites like EazyPay, PayTM which then update your ledger.
  • Pay by Cheque– though now it’s used less than 30% and as per study, this mode will decrease to less than 5% in next 2 years.

With government initiative to grow digital payments – UPI payments don’t have any charges.

Now ICICI and iSocietyManager have come together with SIMPLIFYING ZERO Convenience Charges UPI Payments.

3 Options of UPI Payment:

  1. SCAN QR Code of your Condominium Invoice.
  2. Click Payment link received on SMS from iSocietyManager
  3. Click PAY NOW button on the Email received from iSocietyManager

Benefits to Condominium or RWA Society

  • Condominium Accounts get credited immediately in real-time
  • Happy Residents as Zero Convenience Charge

How it Works

s – Video

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