what is ESG

What is ESG

ESG in Facility Management

Environmental. Social. Governance. These three words combine to generate a potent notion (ESG) that has been circulating throughout the business sector. Many businesses now issue ESG reports to highlight their efforts to promote environmental and societal changes. There are also a plethora of seminars, conferences, webinars, and podcasts that focus on how to gain value from contributing to a more sustainable, equitable, and just future. The ‘E’ and ‘S’ garner the most attention in all of these circumstances. That’s understandable; these are the factors that propel improvement attempts. However, the ‘G’ may be the most crucial in terms of actual advancement.

Recent Developments

For a long time, people have argued over the proper terminology for significant components of ethical and environmentally friendly corporate practises. The terms “green” and “social responsibility” as well as “triple bottom line” have all been used. However, there appears to be a growing recognition and attention on environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG). CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is still used as a name standard for self-reporting purposes, and investors may utilise these reports as part of their ESG scores. ESG raters in 2010 relied on CSR reports or comparable public publications, or requests for information and interviews from corporations, for almost 60% of their ratings, and companies who replied to these information requests performed better than those that did not. An earlier Hong Kong study indicated a favourable market reaction to corporations’ ESG initiatives, which suggests that CSP and CFP are intertwined in ESG initiatives.

What’s the use?

Consideration of ESG principles in facilities management was once regarded as a “additional benefit.” Today, investors and customers actively seek out sustainable firms, and organisations who do not follow sustainable practises will face a decrease in both investing and business in general. According to Environmental Leader, using ESG data provides significant benefits to organisations. Facilities Managers can employ advanced dashboarding and record-keeping systems to report performance to stakeholders. Data on the environment and how existing activities affect it improves operations continuously, and it all aligns a business with an overarching concept of social and environmental responsibility.

Furthermore, using ESG in corporate management provides additional benefits that stem from the underlying technology required to consider ESG in the first place. Big data analytics, wireless sensors, and other technological advances are required to handle and collect data. The same resources can be used to lower company running expenses, increasing an organization’s profitability and energy efficiency.


It’s not always easy to find the best way to use ESG management in your facilities. There are thousands of software providers on the Internet, and each one says that their product is the best. But not all ESG platforms take into account the full range of data and variety that may be in your organisation. Data analysis is the only way to really know how your organisation affects the environment, society, and government oversight. If your company doesn’t know how much it’s spending and what it needs to do to be successful with ESG in facilities management, it’s likely missing out on something.

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