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Touchless Facility Management boost confidence in Property

Earlier facilities used to define points where customers visit the most. Facility Managers and Housekeeping supervisors keep special attention to those touchpoints. This was done to ensure that most visited places or points are neat and clean so that customers, tenants, or visitors observe hygienic and clean environments.

Corona has changed this touchpoint philosophy. Now touchpoints are those points that any human touches while walking, working, meeting in the facility. The points, which are touched most, are the attention area for the housekeeper.

What is touchless Facility Management?

Touchless FM is the approach where maximum operations and actions are performed

  • without touching objects,
  • without exchanging physical materials across humans.

As all activities can’t be touchless, the objective is to minimize the touchpoints.

Why touchless FM?

Corona has expedited the need for touchless operations. The key advantages include:

  • Control Virus Spread: Many viruses including corona spread if any surface or object is touched by an infected person and same been touched by another person.
  • Paperless: Papers, logbooks, pens are mostly shared across the team. In virus spread, most operations are digital, the use of paper is minimal. This indirectly benefits the environment.

Touchless Facility Management stopping corona spread

With touchless and regular sanitization we can eliminate corona spread. The different steps taken are:

1. Identify touchpoints

The first step is to list down points that are most touched. A few examples are:

  • Elevator switches
  • Door handles
  • Railings
  • Pantry area
  • Restrooms

2. Eliminate Touchpoints

We can use technology and advanced tools to eliminate touchpoints. One example is using destination-controlled elevators. Here we need to enter the floor no in the lift lobby and the assigned lift will automatically stop at that floor. No other switch touches are required.

3. Regular Cleaning & Sanitization

regular cleaning housekeeping for touchless facility management

The cleaning of different points is scheduled as per the frequency of touchpoints. The elevator switch can be sanitized every 30 minutes.

Boost Confidence in Property

By taking measures for corona control, you increase the confidence of tenants, visitors, customers in your facility.  There are 2 aspects:

1. Infra Related

Does your building infrastructure support touchless operations? A few examples can be

  • Destination controlled elevators – only 1 button in the lift lobby
  • RFID card-based entry – with fastags etc. no human touch required for entry of visitor and employee vehicles. All transactions are cashless.

2. Operations Related

iot sensors in facility management

IoT and edge devices are important in advanced facility management and contactless operations

You can design operations that are touchless. Smart Washrooms solutions are norms nowadays. Other measures are:

  • Sensor-based soap dispensers
  • Foot-operated Water dispensers
  • Provide adequate PPE Kits, Masks to the operation team
  • Ensure each employee has been properly vaccinated.

commercial property facility management

Future Facility Management Trends

Our Facility Management should be future-ready so that we can control virus spread and maintain the property effectively. A few measures are:

  • Standardization of Processes – SOPs ( System Operating Process) should be implemented at the grass route level.
  • Digital Operations. We should Digitize as much as possible. This leads to increased efficiency and enables us to work remotely.
  • Optimize touchless operations to control virus spread. 
  • Regular Training. Training is a must for self-discipline. We should  make standards habits

Remote working is here to stay forever. With the advance of technology, we are getting more and more tools that empower us to work remotely effectively.

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