Manage Facility Management Operations Effectively during COVID-19 Outbreak

Governments, businesses and communities are facing up to the reality of COVID-19.  The short-term impacts on economic growth, business activity and individual behavior are undeniable and, while the current consensus is for a rebound in the global economy in 2020, the exact trajectory is unknowable. At this point of time even manpower deployed for facility management operations is at risk of getting caught, but day-to-day operations can not be ignored.

During these times, as the world leaders suggests for “Social Distancing” is the only cure possible, We iSocietyManager can help you with automating all the physical/manual operations in a residential society,township,office complex or a real estate enterprise by providing iSocietyManager system that can be helpful in following ways.

  • Billing

Automate your billing with iSocietyManager, it takes care of all the bills at single click. Working remotely your accounts team can post bills with all the specifications and customization you demand weather it is tower wise,cluster wise,GST,Advance charges,Item wise adjustments etc. for CAM,Electricity,Water etc.

To pay those bills, reducing your work as well we have payment gateways integrated within our Residents mobile app enables you to pay effectively and safely without any social interaction involves with fast reconciliation delivered by various payment modes like net banking,debit card, credit card, UPI etc.

  • Accounting

For accounting we have our own accounting system with accounts dashboards, ledger wise and unit.With easy to use and customization as the demand covering all the possible use cases you can keep and account of all the finances of you RWA at you finger tips.

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Also preventing the double data entry and double work to post the bills existing ERP like Tally,SAP etc we provide utility enabling you to post all those bills at one go and saving yourself a good amount of time and efforts.

  • Complaint Management

With self isolation at home you need to make sure all your stuff works efficiently so you can focus on your work from home like your water supply,electricity,AC,Wi-Fi etc. But at break down, you do not need to panic as with iSocietyManager’s resident application you can log your complaints in a second and management will take care of it.


With advance features like IVR and OTP based closing, Auto staff assign features one can easily rely on our Complaint Management Module to make your works go smoothly and automatically.

  • Notices/Surveys and Emergency Alerts

At this time of global crisis,correct information, precautionary measures, emergency contact numbers, surveys etc comes in handy with iSocietyManager System which ensures your security and well being.

Releasing notices and news letters regularly,surveys to make decisions without meeting in person, time to time news flashes, schedules of sanitation of common areas etc.

iScoietyManager has much more to offer Like Manpower Management,Visitor Management,Asset,PPM,Dashboards etc. to automate your facility management operations safely and smoothly.

Although it is easy to concentrate on the short-term impact of COVID-19, the longer-term societal and real estate impacts should not be overlooked.  The impact and aftermath will change our way of living and working, potentially leading to new operational models. Digitizing more and more of your operations will not only marks you safe now but will increase the efficiency as well.

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  • Found this article educating as it addresses practical problems of current times. indeed contact-less online system is the need of the hour and appreciate such efforts from the service providers like you.

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