What are different options in Asset & PPM Management Service?

You can manage and track your fixed assets like DG, Lift, STP, Electric Motors, etc. through iSocietyManager. Different options available in Asset & PPM Service are:

  • Go to Dashboard -> Asset & PPM
  • You’ll see the asset management dashboard. There will be multiple options on the left Menu
    • Dashboard  – Overview of asset, planned and break down tasks.
    • Set up – To configure master data like location, category, custom field, etc.
    • Asset – Asset List, Add, Edit
    • PPM/ Task – Task Dashboard, Calendar, Schedule
    • Alert – Define alert rules
    • Reading – Daily DG reading and consumption Log Bool.
    • MIS – Reports and MIS
    • DG Efficiency – DG Efficiency report and Analytics

asset ppm task dashboard


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