How to get started with Asset Management & PPM ?

iSocietyManager offers comprehensive asset management system to manage and track:

  • Fixed Assets: Like Diesel Generator ( DG), Lift, STP, Electric Motors, HVAC, Panels, etc.
  • Planned or Scheduled Task: Planned maintenance tasks like – DG A Check, etc. You can define 52 Week Calendar and get auto alerts.
  • Break Down Tasks: Ad hoc break down and tasks.
  • DG Efficiency: Track the efficiency of your DG and get access to analytics. You can take better data-driven decisions.
  • Perform Asset Maintenance Task: Perform scheduled or breakdown maintenance tasks on the asset.
  • Auto Alerts of scheduled Tasks: Configure and get auto alerts of your scheduled or planned tasks.


You can manage and track your fixed assets like DG, Lift, STP, Electric Motors, etc. through iSocietyManager. Different options available in Asset & PPM Service are:

  • Go to Dashboard -> Asset & PPM
  • You’ll see the asset management dashboard. There will be multiple options on the left Menu
    • Dashboard  – Overview of asset, planned and break down tasks.
    • Set up – To configure master data like location, category, custom field, etc.
    • Asset – Asset List, Add, Edit
    • PPM/ Task – Task Dashboard, Calendar, Schedule
    • Alert – Define alert rules
    • Reading – Daily DG reading and consumption Log Bool.
    • MIS – Reports and MIS
    • DG Efficiency – DG Efficiency report and Analytics

asset ppm task dashboard


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