What are the Top, Efficient and Cost Effective Software for Apartment Management?

You can find so many reports of theft, administrative fraud, accounts manipulation and other such nefarious activities happening in apartment complex administration. The prime reason is staff negligence which leads to such events happening without scrutiny.

What if a highly sophisticated and efficient system was put in place to streamline complex housing administration? Wouldn’t that make various activities easy and also bring about a better quality of life for residents? The iSociety Manager is such a tool as it is modern and provides Software for Apartment Management digital that can be used to carry out cumbersome and complex administrative tasks with ease and highest efficiency.


How is the iSociety Manager the Perfect Software for Apartment Management?

The iSociety Manager is designed to streamline the diverse activities that are essential to be carried out as part of apartment complex administration. Some of the most straightforward action such as sending alerts to residents or perhaps an important message, which can take hours if done manually can be carried out in just minutes through the software.

It can be used to carry out something as complex as accounting management, report analysis and gate control as well.  Hence it has a wide range of features which shows its diversity and also ability to manage tasks with different complexities, but at the same tie streamlining and simplifying them so that they can achieve that much more easily.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard and Personalization Features

One of its most handy features is the comprehensive dashboard. A single look at it and you will see how simple it is and how easy it makes accessing any particular software’s functionality.  The panel can be personalized to suit user needs so that finding any specific function or feature becomes that much more accessible and various administrative controls are handed over to different staff, each of who that they own personal login for their specify responsibility in the overall administration. We also provide Inventory Management Software for visitor and residents.

Eases Monthly Bill Generation, Dispersal and Collection

By introducing the iSociety Manager into a large apartment housing complex in which the number of residents runs into hundreds, you will find carrying out voluminous activities to be made accessible, but at the same time carried out with the highest efficiency.

Take, for example, something as simple as sending the monthly maintenance bill, which requires careful calculation and then bills creation. With this process automated by the software, the bill generation happens every month on time, with minimal supervision. It is dispersed by email or SMS, and then pay for it can be made by the residents online.

Such a tremendous amount of time, efforts are resolved by this particular feature, considerably servicing residents and making the vital activity of bill payment easy for them.  The money collected is recorded and accounted for by the software, thus keeping an accurate track of when every resident paid, the amount and the total amount received from all residents. As a result, any means of financial discrepancy avoided.

Manages Accounts Perfectly!

Another example of how this sophisticated software makes housing administration easy is in the accounting section. Every year there is a massive amount of money coming in from residents and which spent on so many upkeep and maintenance activities. Through the software’s accounting features, the process s of recording money inflows and outflows simplified.

Hundreds of financial transactions can be recorded through it eliminating paperwork, and at the same time, there is a sound system in place by which details maintained for every cash flow and expense that has happened. As a result, financial management is sound, and there is always enough cash to carry out desired maintenance work at any time.

Implements the Efficient IVR Resident Compliant Registration and Resolution

One of the prime concerns for residents today is getting their complaints registered. When hundreds of residents send in different charges at the various time of the day, there must be an efficient process for them to recorded and then resolved. With the iSociety Manager, residents can send such complaints via IVR and then have it fixed as well through it hence at any time, the concerns can be communicated, and they can be clarified and resolved quickly as well.

Speeds Up Sending Alerts, Messages and Simplifies Data Analytics

Another aspect of Society Management System is sending alerts and messages to hundreds of residents at the same time which can be done effortlessly through the software. Another feature is the analytical reports created based on various data collected for different purposes. Such a complex activity is done quietly and neatly through the software’s features making it vital software for apartment management that gives insight into resource utilization and various other businesses in the residential complex.

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