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What is new in digital facility management technology- artificial intelligence, data science and Business intelligence.?

What is New Digital Facility Management Technology

Understanding Artificial intelligence, Business intelligence, and Data science in context to digital facility management in a simple and practical way.

Does your digital facility management system tell you “what is happening”?

“Yes?” Great! Well, does it tell you “Why is it happening?”

For this, we need to go many steps further than our current systems. Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Data Science are no more only distant dream words. Rather they are slowly and steadily becoming reality with each passing day. But I agree why should a normal user worry about it. Let the data scientists, programmers, and system architects should deal with them.

But it is not that simple. The feed to these tools comes only through the human intelligence and if both don’t work together in a complementary manner then only the half-baked, inconsistent, and ineffective system can be expected.


Let’s make things a bit more simple. I will give some examples of what can be expected from these streams of concepts in relation to facility management:

  • AI: When a technician misses his maintenance task?
  • AI: Should I shut down the moderately heated DG or let it run for a couple of hours? Decide based on collateral loss.
  • BI: What is the net expense on maintenance YTD?
  • BI: What is the net expense across categories like maintenance, inventory, and housekeeping? Drill down from year to week; drill across the locations.
  • AI+BI: Alexa ask Kaizen “what is the total billed amount this week?”
  • BI+DS+AI: Alexa, what is the expense forecast for the next three weeks?
  • BI+DS+AI: Alexa, what is the forecast for missed planned tasks based on the more public holidays this week?
  • DS: Based on the trends what is the probability that we will save 10-20 % in fuel costs.
  • DS: Will this client be loyal or this will churn.
  • DS+BI: show me the days when there are more abnormal maintenance activities?

So, this is the magnificence of the possibilities in the standard systems when we combine them with AI, BI and DS technologies and get to know data-backed answers for “What next and What now?”

Below are some more critical features you can expect in a digital FM system powered by AI, BI and DS:

  1. Prediction and action in place of descriptive sheets.
  2. Big Data, not just structured tables and excel sheets.
  3. Stories, not just other dashboards.
  4. Forecasts, not just trend analysis.
  5. Clustering, not just group information
  6. Advanced data visualization, not just line and bar graphs.
  7. Hierarchical and drill across, not just filters and click-throughs.
  8. Quantified cause and effects, not just relationships and joins.

We need to start working at once and get a system that not only functions flawlessly and gathers data but also transforms our operations from traditional to BI, DS, and AI-powered.

At Factech, we are working collaboratively with our existing and new clients by focusing on the facility processes to come up with actionable insights through the use of scientific methods and algorithms. The idea is to work in an interdisciplinary way combining facility processes with statistics, informatics, and data analysis to knowledge and insight from the otherwise noisy data.

Click here to start the Kaizen CAFM system.


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