Digital Facility Management Technology to simplify operation and maintenance

9 Digital Way To Help In Facility Management

The Digital Way To Help In Facility Management

As a user, a facility manager, a staff, or a site head we should go ahead with facility digitization with certain clarity and expectations in our mind. Here is an insight into how a system could make a real difference in the way facility operations are performed and managed.


Technology is, without doubt, playing a pivotal role in every aspect of businesses and life, but we are seldom concerned about its details. Instead, what everyone is really concerned about is what problem it solves, how much time, cost, and effort it saves, and so on.

Well, this is the reality. Why should a user be worried about the engine, body material, and suspension of a car till it provides him breakdown-free speed, safety, and comfort?

So let’s check out what a facility or maintenance manager can get from the use of digital solutions in facility management:

  1. The most obvious and basic is what automatically comes from digitization, which is getting rid of papers. No more piles of papers distributed, stored, signed, and submitted. What a relief.
  2. I can take timely decisions backed by data in place of intuition or gut feeling. I can see the actual number of staff present today, the level of their occupancy, and their location all in just a second.
  3. I can work on the move and need not be confined to an office in order to check or do something. Just open the App in the more and assign staff, check inventory, and so on. Bingo!
  4. Easy and fast communication and yes without any traditional means like a phone call or visit. Use scannable codes from the technician, FM or helpdesk apps and register complaints, see details, make requests, and more in real-time.
  5. Get alerts/reminders/notifications as soon as a condition defined in the system occurs. If some payment is late, a task is missed, AMC is upcoming, an item in the store is running low, just define the rule, sit back and relax and take action whenever required without fail.
  6. Want to clone yourself and be present everywhere an action is taking place? Let the digital system be your numerous eyes and ears. Just feel powerful, equipped with your phone in your pocket bringing to you all that requires attention in time.
  7. Like your body gives you signs when it is hungry, sick, happy, or sad technology can be the senses of your whole site. Using, IoT’s/Sensors your HVAC ducts with let you know when they are choked with dust, DG will signal you if it heating abnormally, a meeting room will tell you if the carbon content has breached the danger level, and more.

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