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What is Preventive Maintenance- Facility Technology

What is the Preventive Maintenance

A preventive maintenance checklist may be used in the same manner to streamline a number of activities for preventive maintenance.
Preventive maintenance checklists are only helpful if developed for a reason and provide all the required information.

Best practices for creating Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Things you can do before you build checklists for Preventive Maintenance:

1. Build an asset list that needs Preventive Maintenance

For a preventive maintenance checklist, if you have just a few assets in mind, you can skip this step. It pays to be proactive and have all in one place for those who intend to build checklists for thousands of properties, particularly if you are not already monitoring them with a CMMS.

2. Gather manuals from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Manuals and catalogs from OEM help to consider important points for the Asset. For example, Schneider HVAC specification may vary from that of Jhonson Control.

3. Review asset history

Do you have repeated breakdowns? With the use of non-original spare parts, assets may accumulate unique patterns over time. We should include learnings from past maintenance in the preparation of future PM schedules.

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What to include in a good Preventive Maintenance Checklist?

Below points will make our PM checklist effective:

1. Information on planning

Planning gives us the power to control and manage maintenance effectively. We can include the below points in our preventive maintenance planningpreventive maintenance checklist

  • Instruments needed to complete the work
  • The required spare parts to complete the job
  • Timeline expected for completion of the task

2. Information on the protection

Technicians are at risk while doing maintenance. So We should take precautionary steps and measure to mitigate any risk of loss of life and resources.preventive maintenance checklist tools

  • SOPs or Guidelines for Protection

3. Visual support (if required)

Visuals help us to understand the process easily. We can include

  • Photos
  • Diagraphs
  • Images

What is a good strategy to create preventive maintenance Checklist?

As explained above aspects for the creation of a checklist for Preventive Maintenance can be summarized belowgood preventive maintenance checklist strategy

  • Make your maintenance team well equipped and trained.
  • What you want to achieve in the Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plan should be concise and clear
  • In-depth information about the maintenance to be taken is important
  • Decide on what properties and services to provide
  • Time schedule should be properly planned for preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring and keep updated, spares, price, KPIs can be handy.

Video Explaining Important of Checklist in Preventive Maintenance

Digital Preventive Maintenance or E-Checklist & CAFM

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