Why should you always opt for an integrated online facility solution.

Can you work in isolation without communicating or dealing with other people? No. No one can.

So how can an online system perform to its full potential until integrated with other related systems?

A software system is a set of programs made to perform in a certain way when provided with certain data. Isn’t it like the human mind? yes. So in a similar fashion, it should also be able to interact with other fellow systems to get the work done in order to make us get our job done.

The facility is part of a whole system in an organization comprising of finance, HR, purchase, etc. So unless it takes or gives data back to the peer system the fast and correct output can not come.

Consider the scenario, you made electricity and maintenance bills through the system. Then, you have to make audit statements from finance ERP and to do that you have to bring all data from the facility system through an excel sheet and then generate the reports. But, if you have a facility solution that communicates with your finance ERP in real-time and the whole system is integrated into a streamlined process where everything happens automatically without any manual intervention. How easy the life would become.

Let’s consider one more example. Your DG systems are integrated with the facility dashboard and you get all the data like reading, heat, etc live. Well, in that case, the system can compute the fuel consumption data also in real-time. The facility manager can adopt a predictive maintenance practice instead of preventive maintenance by simply keeping track of consumption patterns and average heat levels. Even this intelligent information would help him providing maintenance insights to the management and thus reducing cost.

Similarly, several other system like access control devices, electricity meters, payment gateways, etc can be integrated to create a more logical and effective facility system which is more flexible, effective and capable of solving more number of real-life use-cases.

There is an endless possibility of integrating different processes to reach gradually towards a perfect system. This is going to be the ultimate future.


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