How to manage field operations in an online facility system

The facility involves 80% of field operations.

So, how can the system intending to bring Facility online focus only on fixed processes?

Think of maintenance guys running the whole day from one location to another. Housekeeping people are always on move to their defined location to perform cleaning, serving, and more. Guards cannot stay at a place, they have to run around to check the security of the complex.

Even the facility manager is mostly seen going on round to fix certain things, oversee how everything is going, and interact with contractors and customers.

If a facility management solution cannot connect field operations with central management then it is in a way incomplete.

Following are the main ways in which on-field and on-move operations can be taken care of and integrated to create a seamless functioning with full and effective automation:

  • Fully functional facility mobile app: Usually facility login has a web view which limits the role of a manager because he has to stick to his chair in order to control and manage his online system. Suppose he is on round and a critical breakdown happens or he has to check today’s availability of particular staff or he has to assign some person to a planned task. He either has to make several phone calls for the information and assignment or has to wait till he reaches his desk again. In this case, the facility mobile app lets a manager take all the actions and check every detail in real-time. Once an escalation comes, even if he is out of his office, he can use his mobile app to assign staff, approve spares, etc.
  • Technician App: There are lots of actions a technician has to take on-site. Like, see today’s planned or breakdown tasks, open a job-card, check for spare inventory, close the job, etc. It becomes difficult and time-consuming if he has to do all this on paper and further update everything with the facility office every time. With the technician app,  an employee can see his daily tasks, track them, request spares from inventory, put in more details with photographs and the best part is everything is tracked live with evidence from the office.
  • Guard patrolling App: Suppose a guard miss frequently from taking security rounds into the complex at defined time slots. How would the management track? In another case, if a guard by mistake takes the wrong round at the wrong time. How can he make sure of not making such mistakes? Guard patrolling app alerts him when the scheduled round is to be taken. Then he has to scan the codes at a designated location which lets management see reports of when he missed certain checkpoints. Further, a guard can reports an incident instantly with photograph from his App in case of an accident, crime, or a mishappening.

Such functionalities make a facility management solution complete and mobile in true sense. Capability to work in real-time coordination with field operations is one of the key parts in managing facility operations online.

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