Worried how to pay your Utilitiy bills during this Covid 19 ?- Online payment with iSocietymanager

For an apartment resident, making all the apartment related payments is a cumbersome task. It is one monthly ritual that everybody dreads. Some of the payments can be made online whereas for some, residents would have to hunt out their cheque book or make that hated trip to the bank for a demand draft and then they would need to run behind the office staff in their apartment for submitting the cheque or draft. Be it utility bills or monthly apartment maintenance bills, getting all the bills together and making the payments is a tedious task. The task of the apartment manager or treasurer who handles all the bills, payments and receipts is even more tedious.

Does your society automation software have the online payment feature?

It’s time to get smart and start using iSocietymanager facility management solution – Your Apartment Super App for your apartment’s maintenance and utility bill payments where you can pay all your bills online.

With iSocietymanager solution different payment gateway can be integrated depending on society preferences. Already iSocietymanager is having integration with banks like ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank, Payment gateways like Paytm, Mobiwik, and Pay U and residents can pay as per there convenience.online payment, worried how to pay your utilitybills during this covid 19, isocietymanager online pay master

Once payment is successful, you will instantly see your receipt, in email and you will also receive an SMS alert for your records. WOW, it’s that simple! Login to your iSocietymanager now, and start using our online payment feature.

Advantages for the residents:

  • The convenience you get is incomparable. No more running around with demand drafts and cheques
  • You can make payments from anywhere, anytime and from any device.
  • You get an instant receipt of your transactions.
  • The entire bill payment process becomes very transparent
  • Removes the chance of manual errors of your payment not getting reconciled, etc.
  • Last but not least, you can rest assured that online payment done through iSocietymanager app is more secure than anywhere else


The world is facing an unparalleled crisis. Under these circumstances, our priority is protecting the health of our employees, customers and partners, while ensuring business continuity.As of now and in keeping with its values centred on responsibility and people, iSocietymanager is mobilised to anticipate major upcoming changes and address its customers’ future expectations.


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