Manpower Management with ISM to increase team efficiency.

Attendance registers and excel sheets are a thing of 90’s now!

With such advancements in technology over the years, everything is automated as of today, so why not managing the manpower? Can you know real time manpower deployment at your different sites in your mobile single dashboard?

iSocietyManager advance Manpower management module helps in maintaining the manpower through a single interface that reduces your manual work and reporting with a single click. For seamless and efficient manpower management we have integration with bio-metric and face recognition devices like EssL to that ensures error free and genuine data for reporting, by fetching the data of your manpower iSocietyManager arranges the reports, analysis, auto assign of tasks to the technicians, shift arrangements of guards etc.

The facility manager or helpdesk executive can now explore features like Auto roaster so that the raised service request from residents can be assigned automatically to the technician depending on the nature of the service request. facility Manager/helpdesk can activate or configure the auto roaster feature by going to iSocietymanager Admin App -> settings -> society setting  -> complaint – > auto assign feature(auto roaster)

Also, through iSocietyManager application, you can mark attendance through state of the art face recognition that works on facial and eye blink scanning method. A group of workers can also be marked attendance for at a single time through iSocietyManager application. To generate payrolls for the staff, our system is capable of doing so in one click.


Covering all the aspects you need we have a space of customization for your society as well providing you a single platform you can trust for years to come.


Know more at :


Our team believes in end to end solution and to solve the customer problems through technology and automation. At this digital era of automation, Switch to iSocietyManager and feel what automation really looks like.

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