car security

Stopping Car Thefts

With iSocietyManager App installed on your mobile,  you can disable Boom Barrier at your Society Gate for your Vehicle or Car Exit. We want to enhance security of our Vehicle so block our Car exit in many cases like: The Car is not going to be used for a period say Night, few days or

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Enhancing Security of your Society

iSocietyManager enhances #security by enabling only authorized entries and ensuring that Visitor goes to the designated Tower only. The simple steps are: Create the pre-approved pass for your guests and save their time in validation process at the gate. The visitor with pre-approved pass need not to wait for Acceptance from You. The details of

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What is e-intercom?

eIntercom is the mobile based intercom facility which is used for confirming Visitor entries in your premises. As a User, if you have downloaded the iSocietyManager app in your phone you’ll get the Visit Entry confirmation request whenever a Visitor entry is made against your Flat/ Unit. Directly on your mobile as Notification, which you can

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Inventory Management Software – Effective Tracking and Control over Stocks for Apartment Complex Maintenance

Investing in an apartment that is part of a hugely modern residential complex is seen as the dream of many. Consequently, you can find some of the most ingeniously designed ones coming up around various metro cities across the country. Along with such development comes the dire need for an efficient system to maintain them

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Apartment Society Visitor Management System – Effective and Efficient Tool for Daily Visitor Monitoring

Many apartment complexes today are in want of efficient administrative personnel as there is always a considerable number of maintenance activities and repair schedules to follow in a single month. A single manager is not enough to run the complex’s administrative office. What is needed is a dozen of them, but along with hiring so

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