Importance of facility digital transformation

Why Digital Transformation Is Needed For Facility Management

Importance of digital transformation facility management

The way many organizations run their business is affected by new technology and disruptions. A 2015 global study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte showed that over 90% of respondents anticipate digital trends that are largely or moderately disruptive to their industry.

With these developments that shakeup, the way firms use their real estate, the development of new strategies and capacities is essential for facility management (FM) teams. However, many remain inadequately equipped and unprepared for the changing workplace and the problems that come with it. For example, one complaint from facility managers we regularly hear is that they do not have the experience and skills to use data in making better decisions or align FM priorities with broader business objectives through data analysis.

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Operations and maintenance support infrastructure

This stage monitors support requirements and capabilities to ensure that the support infrastructure is continually aligned and integrated with the primary business activities. It monitors performance and evaluates services that are being provided. The element to be analyzed at this stage are as follow:

  1. Maintain and operate support infrastructure
  2. Monitor alignment and integration of support infrastructure with primary business activities
  3. Maintain support strategy
  4. Maintain support policies and standards
  5. Maintain stakeholder management and framework

Developing FM Policy and strategy

At this stage, some degree of understanding should have been reached to determine FM policy and strategy. The element to be analyzed and considered at this stage are as follow:

  1. Developing strategic FM processes
  2. Organize FM organization and the development
  3.  Aligning FM strategy with the organization’s strategy
  4. Define support strategy concepts such as defining benefits management, defining business continuity, defining corporate social and environmental responsibility, considering performance and innovation, defining support objectives, defining cost and space optimization, and defining portfolio management.

3 Phase Building Digital Transformation Approach


Organizations that implement facilities management solutions can achieve significant advantages in their abilities to improve business outcomes by better controlling their facilities and physical assets. But advantages do not accrue on their own organizations need to plan implementation processes carefully, conduct activities and resources with a focus on business goals, and follow through on procedures designed to smooth the way to on-time, on-budget, fully functioning facilities management deployments.

Digitize Facility Maintenance

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