How to get started with Inventory Management?

Knowing what you have, what is in your warehouse, and how to manage the supply chain is very critical for effective management of your facility and maintenance operations.

From a project or society perspective, inventory includes consumable items like Diesel, Tubelights, Batteries, Stationary, etc.

Inventory Management System helps in

  • What is the current stock of any item?
  • Which items are below the threshold so that the new order can be placed.
  • Tracking of items – Purchase, Consumption
  • Alert when an item is below the threshold.
  • Enable storekeeper to identify items from the lot, which warranty is going to expire first.

To start using Inventory in iSocietyManager, you need to enable permission for the roles you want to give access of Inventory Management.

  • To open the inventory dashboard, Go to More-> Inventory

inventroy management


  • You will see the inventory home page

inventory management dashboard, store keeper dashboard


Before start using inventory, you need to set up Master data. The steps are:

  • Go to More-> Inventory

inventroy management

  • In Inventory Home page click on Master Data. You can add below in master data:
    • Measuring Unit: What are different units to measure your stock items like liter for diesel, meter for wire, numbers for quantity, etc.
    • Source: From where your items or products can come like Vendor Names, Department, or other sites.
    • Destination: Who can use or consume those items like – departments, other sites, etc.

inventory management configuration



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