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5 important technology solutions for Facility Management- 2022

How can we digitize and automate facility operations in the most efficient and useful way?

India is an emerging market in terms of commercial and organized real estate with huge growth potential. New areas are getting urbanized at a very fast pace with unprecedented modernization and quality of infrastructure.

Burgeoning startups and expanding big companies are creating a great demand for real estate to support their growth. Real estate companies doing well by creating world-class buildings to house these exponentially growing companies.

The challenge comes after that, once a big office building is occupied. To manage facilities at such a high level with growing expectations of quality of services need new cutting-edge technology.

Let’s see five main technology solutions that can greatly empower facility companies to match the expected service levels with ease and save cost at the same time:

  1. CAFM system: A Computer-Aided Facility Management System is by no means a new thing but it has only really evolved in the last couple of years with still a long way to go in terms of acceptability and usability. Go through the features of this easy and effective CAFM System. Enterprise asset management followed by a preventive and predictive maintenance system forms the foundation of this solution. Further, housekeeping and cleaning digital checklists and tracking give a delightful experience to customers.
  2. Inventory management system: In the rush of operations facility teams often face ‘out-of-stock’ or ‘over-stock’ situations in the case of consumables and spare parts stock that leads to delays and losses as it affects the dependent processes. Here is a good example of a practical Inventory Management System that can really save the day and bring transparency and coordination to warehouses and stores. There are further crucial aspects to this which are based on statistical data analysis to do demand forecasting and item classification.
  3. Billing system: Billing is a very critical operation where the scope of error and timely delivery are of utmost importance. Since this is directly linked with finance and funds collection, it should be flawless and fast at the same time. Here is a great commercial billing system to look forward to. Configuration of commercial terms for calculation if the rent like based on revenue share, minimum guarantee and more combinations are very much required. Approvals/notifications/alerts/reminders should be in real-time. Lastly, MIS reports give insights like payment due, total collection defaulters reports, etc. must be handy.
  4. Complaint Helpdesk: It is very important for the overall customer experience to make it simple and hassle-free to register a complaint, a smooth and streamlined workflow from registration to staff assignment, evidence tracking closure, and feedback. A perfect example of a digital complaint helpdesk is here. Further, it is most common to expect a contactless mechanism for complaint registration by the customers. In addition to this, live dashboards showing insights like escalation summary, aging reports, etc would help facility teams a great deal.
  5. Visitor Management system: An easy, convenient, and contactless visitor registration has become a norm in the current scenario. Like other things such as breakdown-free equipment, clean floors, pleasant environment, this also adds to the reputation of the facility quality in the building. An advanced contactless visitor management system can really bring more productivity to the front desk staff.

So, without delay, embrace these Facility+technology solutions now to catch this bullet train of growth in India. Click here now…

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