iSociety Manager’s Smart Visitor Tracker Feature Enforces Strict Security

Today’s lifestyle apartments are not the regular homes that built-in years. They are highly sophisticated buildings that come with super facilities that make way for a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. However such homes also demand the need for high-tech software for carrying out various administrative activities. Implement the iSociety Manager – a very modern application that can streamline multiple types of administrative activities in a large apartment, making life safe and enjoyable for residents. Smart Visitor Tracker feature enforces strict security, launch by iSociety Manager.

Important Administrative Features of the iSociety Manager

The iSociety Manager is a feature-rich application providing different types of tools through which high apartment complex administration can carried out smoothly and efficiently. With it, there is no longer the need to carry out elaborate work processes to complete different administrative tasks. These activities can completed in minutes through the software, which saves time, efforts and also money.  Here is a look at the key features of this software:

  • It helps to carry out complicated accounting and bookkeeping thus simplifying the task
  • Can carry out a wide range of bill generation, dispersal and collection tasks in minutes
  • It can send messages, alerts and a wide range of communication to hundreds of residents at the same time through SMS or email
  • Implements stringent security by integrating with the boom barrier at the gate through the visitor system
  • Can be used to analyse various types of data to find out trends in usage and resident preferences

When it comes to using software to carry out activities, you need to choose one with precisely the kind of features necessary to automate the work process. With the iSociety Manager, many such operations are carried out by it automatically according to specified schedules, enabling administrators to focus more on those tasks that need their attention. You will find this application to be easy-to-use and its features to aid enormously in carrying out some of the most complex and time-consuming tasks in just minutes. Instead of hiring more people to carry out administrative work due to the considerable number of apartments, you need only this single software application.

Visitor Tracker

Many apartment complexes are today in want of efficient system through which management activities such as maintaining cash flow, inventory stock, collecting upkeep payments from residents are made more straightforward. The iSociety Manager does all these and more with best Apartment Security Management System. It also acts as an efficient visitor tracker system by which it monitors every entry through the gates of the complex. With so many residents living inside the compound, it is vital to have a proper system in place by which their safety and security can be assured,and this is precisely what the software is designed to do. By automating the recording of vehicle and people inside the complex at any time, administrators can who have come and gone out of the gate.

Administrators seeking to bring own costs of maintenance, upkeep and security will find this software to be exactly what they need as it has those features by which work load reduced, yet done efficiently but without incurring higher costs. It is a tool in the hands of administrators through which they can accomplish their daily tasks must faster and in a smooth way.

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