Factech Simplifying Facility…

Factech will help you to Simplify Facility operations on top of Technology. Empower You and your team to take better decisions by providing insights.


Provide online platform to manage facility operations in the most convenient way.

Simplifying Facility…

Delighting customers by Simplifying Operations with Key Performance Indicators ( KPI) right on your mobile is our mission. Our solution empowers you and :

  • Empower Facility Managers Team to take better decisions based on insights.
  • Reduce your employee training costs by handy SOPs, Checklists
  • Empower Finance Team to manage accounts, budget, P& L, and finance with ease.
  • Enable Your team never miss the Maintenance
  • Empower the Security team to manage manpower, visitors, tenant’s movement with ease and control in their palm.
  • Empower Management to get MIS and Customized reports on email/ mobile for transparent and independent Systems.
  • Empower tenants, residents, and end customers to get real-time data on their mobile and thereby increasing convenience.


Key Solutions:

The solutions are primarily divided into below types of Customers

  1. Commercial spaces like Corporate Parks, Shopping Centres, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels.
  2. Residential likes Condominiums, Luxury Apartments, High Rise Societies.

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