Keeping track of your allocated budget vs expenses through single dashboard

Keeping track of all the finances for operating a site with or within the allocated budget can be stressful at times. Especially during the lockdown times when physical presence for verification is tough, there must be an easy way that keeps all of your budget heads up to date.


If you are the Treasurer or Financial Controller, there is a good chance you have plenty of time understanding the previous year expenses, and preparing a budget for next year.

Have you often wondered if the per sq. feet rate you

are charging is more / less or just right!

Keeping all in mind we might have the best solution for your need  We are happy to introduce BUDGETING feature of iSocietyManager


On a Single dashboard you can see all your expense heads

and the budget allocated for the year, providing the exceeding or under budget

trends site wise that enables you to predict for the coming year as well.

Here are some of the

Benefits that you get out of Budgeting solution from iSocietyManager.-

  • Find Actual Expense versus Budget, on each expense head at any point of time.
  • Gives you control over your expenditure
  • Prevents Overspending
  • Find out where over-spending has happened
  • Enables you to save for unexpected expenses
  • Validate your Maintenance Charges
  • Saves your valuable time


If you think your management of an apartment building could be made easier with these tools, try a free trial of iSocietyManager. Try out iSocietyManager

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