How to get started with Visitor Management?

What is Visitor Management System?

Visitor management refers to tracking the usage of a public building or site. By gathering increasing amounts of information, a Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts.

VMS Mobile App or Desktop?

To start the Visitor Management System, you have to choose either desktop or Mobile App option. Though Mobile App is most chosen option. The choice depends on the below factors:

  • Your guards’ comfortability.
  • Whether Visitors vehicles are allowed inside or not?
  • No. of gates and volumes of Visitors.
  • Purpose of VMS, whether you want to use RFID based entries from the same system.

You can always access VMS on web using URL 

You can personalize the Visitor Form as per your need. Whether you want to add COVID-19 related fields or any other fields, or want to use any language for Guard App.

How to Download Visitor Management System(VMS) Mobile App?

How to make VMS App only app in the device?

How to personalise Visitor Form?

How to add a new Visitor Entry?


How to make Passcode entry in VMS?

How to see if visitor is accepted/rejected?

Security team not able to login in Visitor Management

How to add or edit purpose in Visitor Form?

How to setup domestic help ( Maids, Drivers ) entry/exit?

How to check camera in Visitor Management Desktop App?



How to start manpower and attendance tracking?

Start Visitor management system on your own

Automated real-time visitor management and access control



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